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We are a top-rated Door & trim installation company in Castle Rock, WA.

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We are a fully licensed and insured door and trim installation service. With us, you can be assured that your project will be completed on time and with quality workmanship.

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Our technician will always arrive at your door with the necessary equipment and materials needed for your project.

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If you need Door & Trim installation, you’re in the right place! All our of work is backed by 5–1 Year warranty!


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About Us

Jay’s Doors & Trim, A Castle Rock Door and Trim Installation service.

We Install doors, trim & millwork for home owners and business owners. We believe in building relationships with our customers. Everyone’s requests and needs are different so we make a point to understand exactly what you are looking for. 

Creativity is our drive; quality is our commitment and the craftmanship we leave behind is our passion. 

People don’t always think about doors. However, after seeing our joy for doors, we think you’ll agree that doors are both beautiful and important to our everyday lives. Doors need to work and they need to work well, so that’s our promise. 

Jay Bergfeld Owner Jay’s Doors & Trim Castle Rock


Mission statement

“Building relationships with those who value quality craftsmanship”

Founders statement

I want to re create some of the great experiences I’ve had working as an employee with other door & millwork companies. To provide a great experience and company culture for both employees and clients. To educate and inspire. Giving $2 of value for every $1 given or received. 

Company vision statement

The vision of this company is to better the lives of anyone whom choses to both serve or receive service from. To learn most about what are unique passions are and to educate others what we have learned. To be inspired by others, and to inspire others.

Core values

  • To learn, educate and inspire – Training, we want you to succeed.
  • One thing at a time, right away. 
  • Don’t be in a big hurry
  • Safety, Quality, Production. In that order.
  • Be you’re best self. – A place where your ideas matter
  • Follow your dreams. – Positive mindset environment
  • Learn, then teach. – Every Carpenter started out not knowing how.

Safety statement

Safety starts with me. We have families to go home to and they want us home healthy and injury free each day. Our safety goal is zero injuries and no disruption to facility or environment. The safety of our employees, our clients, their guests, their animals, and the public come first. 

Our Door & Trim Services

As a premier Castle Rock Door & trim installation company, we have the specialty tools and experience to tackle all of your home or office projects. All we do is work on doors, trim and millwork installations. We are passionate carpenters and absolutely love what we do for a living which is key to our quality workmanship and reputation.

  • Pre-Hung Door Installation
  • Slab Door Replacements
  • Special Ordered Doors
  • Door Repairs
  • Door Hardware Installation
  • Door Weatherization
  • Door Glass Replacement
  • Storm Door Installation
  • Slider Screen Door Installation
  • Security Doors
  • Bi-Pass Or Bifold Doors
  • Interior Sliding “Barn” Doors
  • Interior Trim
Pre-Hung Door

Pre hung door

When you hear the term pre-hung door, it means the door and the jamb are sold as one unit by the manufacture. The slab door already has the hinges installed and is connected to the door jamb.  The lockset holes are pre drilled and ready for knob or dead bolt installation. Everything is ready to go. 

Slab Door

Slab door

The Term “slab” door means just the door; you don’t need a new jamb. Typically, this is the case when the door jamb around the door is in good condition. Reasons for this would be Updating style of a door or from damage to the door. Its important to be sure the door jamb is in strong sound condition when replacing a slab door.  

Special Ordered Doors

Special ordered doors

This is when someone has a nonstandard size door and it needs to be specially ordered. Standard door sizes go up in size every 2” and are always in even numbers. 

Door Repairs

Door repairs

There are a lot of ways to greatly improve your doors performance. Keeping the bugs out and heating bill inside. Interior or exterior they need to work well. 

Interior trim

Interior trim

Interior Trim work would involve things like base boards, chair rail or crown molding, window casing or door casing. 

Millwork Installation

Millwork installation

Millwork installation is everything from doors, trim, custom shelving, stair treads & riser, wall covering panels and more. These products are often more custom or made at a mill then shipped per order and installed onsite. 

Door weatherization

Door weatherization

Poor door alignment can leak air. Doors can often times be adjusted to properly seal against the weatherstripping. Replacing the weatherstripping, door corner seal pads or bottom door sweeps.

Storm doors

Storm doors

Storm doors are a way to protect your front or back door from the elements. Some doors don’t have overhead protection, this is a must have for these types of entryways.

Steel Security doors

Steel Security doors

Protect your home or office with a steel security door. Looks like a screen door only it has a very heavy frame and tamper proof installation screws. 

Door glass replacement

Door glass replacement

The design and style of glass can transform your entryway. Door glass, sidelight glass and transom glass can be removed and replaced. To repair or update. 

Interior Sliding Barn Doors

Interior sliding “barn” doors

Call it what you want, interior sliding doors are popular by demand. Adding value to your home or office in a remarkable way. It doesn’t have to be a “barn” door; pick any slab door you love!

Service Areas

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